The lifting of lockdown restrictions in Britain has reportedly resulted in an unexpected spike in the sales of Cadbury 99 Flake ice-cream. These high sales are threatening to exhaust the supplies of mini Flakes that form a vital part of the 99 experience.

For the record, Cadbury-owner, Mondelez did not state as to how long it expects the shortage to last. But it added in a statement that the product is still available for order and the company is continuing to closely work with clients in making more available.

The food major is also the owner of a large number of chocolate brands comprising Milka, Dairy Milk, and Toblerone.

As per reliable reports, several consumers think that the term 99 Flake refers to the price of the ice-cream. However, anyone who has lately purchased a round of cones becomes aware that one can no longer get hands on one of the treats for a value of 99 pence.

According to Cadbury, the 99 name refers to the 99 guards who were protectors of the Italian monarchy. The name was utilized for appealing to Italian expats who were residing in Ireland and the UK, and were active in the trade of ice-cream.

As per sources, soft-serve ice-cream fans represent a resourceful bunch in a crisis, with many taking to social media for suggesting alternatives. These include a Twirl, which has a Flake-like texture but comes with extra chocolate. Other suggestions comprise plonking a Freddo on top or switching to Kinder Buenos. As suggested by a wag, people would be demonstrating in their thousands and hundreds at the injustice of it all.

It is to be noted that flake ice-cream toppers comprise half the size of the chocolate bars that are sold in supermarkets and newsagents. The mini versions, that are intended at the hospitality trade, are manufactured in Coolock near Dublin in Ireland and outside Cairo in Egypt.

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