Mateen Dalal

A qualified electronics and telecommunication engineer, Mateen Dalal embarked on his professional journey working as a quality and test engineer. Harnessing his passion for content creation however, Mateen pens down industry-rich articles for cmferesearch.com and a few other portals. Channelizing his experience in the technical and manufacturing domains, Mateen attempts to bring forth his knowledge of the core industries in his articles.

Pankaj Singh

Pankaj Singh holds a prestigious post graduate degree in management and finance and currently works as a content writer. He has worked previously as a U.K. insurance underwriter for a couple of years, and presently pens down content for cmferesearch.com and similar other online portals.

Akshay Kedari

A qualified computer engineering graduate, Akshay Kedari takes pride in having his way with words. Following his passion for content creation, he writes insightful pieces on cmferesearch.com and a few other portals. Also endorsed with a short-term experience in web development, Akshay lends expertise procured from his core domain in the articles he pens down.

Ravi Chavat

Ravi Chavat is a tech blogger and a digital marketing pro since 3 years and writes for CMFE Research. A Electronics & communication Engineering graduate by education, Shashie offers his analysis on the tech market research landscape. His strong suit is analyzing the commercial activity of a new breakthrough, a peculiarity you can see in his writing. Apart from this he is also interested in Reading books, sports and music.

Rahul Sankrityayan

Fortified with a post-graduate degree in Computer Applications, Rahul Sankrityan writes for CMFE Research, where he pens down news and articles spanning across segments of technology industry that excite him on a day-to-day basis. Rahul comes with a rich experience in technical field as well as writing.