New Jersey-based technology startup, Agilis Chemicals is reportedly collaborating with safety science company UL to extend its flagship ecommerce platform to accelerate secure sources of ingredients and materials from participating chemical suppliers.

As per the terms of the deal, nearly 4500 chemicals suppliers and thousands of consumers on the UL Prospector® platform, one of the world’s largest networks of chemical buyers and suppliers, will be able to access Agilis’ ecommerce solution.

Apparently, suppliers on UL Prospector will be able to build their own ecommerce solutions with Agilis to offer consumers a secure, easy, and convenient way to buy their products. This will enable suppliers to reach purchase-ready chemical buyers faster and more easily.

According to reliable sources, manufacturers can also enroll their third-party logistics providers, distributors, and suppliers or collaborate with distributors already on Agilis’ platform for seamless order delivery.

For the record, Agilis is a leading provider of technology-driven solutions for digitalization of financial processes in the chemical industry. The company enables chemical manufacturers and suppliers to launch their own ecommerce portals, fully equipped and optimized with advanced marketing tools and analytics solutions. Agilis combines its technology expertise and industry experience to develop advanced, scalable technology solutions.

The much-awaited ecommerce platform will streamline chemical distribution processes for both manufacturers and suppliers, noted Agilis founder and CEO, Jay Bhatia, adding that the entire chemicals supply chain will benefit from the collaboration, leading to faster product innovation and improved customer engagement.

For the uninitiated, UL enables safe adoption of innovative products and technologies among businesses and applies uses a science-based approach to deliver security, safety, and sustainability. Thousands of chemicals manufacturers globally have relied on the Prospector platform for more than two decades to locate ingredients and materials from suppliers.

Pam Walker, business leader for UL’s materials and supply chain division, was quoted saying that the partnership with Agilis enables a new way to initiate chemical and material purchase for consumers while on Prospector.

Product suppliers on Prospector will also be able to reach potential customers instantly when they are ready to buy chemicals, materials, or ingredients, he added.