In a bid to create the worlds first zero-carbon gas grid, gas network operators in the UK have decided to transform their gas grid as per the new nationwide initiative dubbed Gas Goes Green.

According to reliable sources, the programme is being arranged by the Energy Networks Association (ENA) and brings prominent gas operators like Northern Gas Networks, National Grid, and Cadent together to mutually explore the prospects of hydrogen-ready boilers, and how to coordinate and deliver a nationwide switchover.

Reportedly, the Gas Goes Green initiative would be spearheaded by Chris Train, a former CEO of Cadent, who is termed as the countrys first Green Gas Champion. While apart from developing the prospects for nascent hydrogen sector, the programme would focus on investigating the prospects of accelerating the use of biomethane across the grid, simplifying the process of injecting biogas into the grid by small enterprises and farmers.

The “Gas Goes Green” programme is now on the line of becoming a part of the governments on-going initiative to design a plan for decarbonizing building heating all around the United Kingdom.

Speaking on the move, Matt Hindle, Head of Gas, ENA, said that the association is excited to not only introduce this one-of-a-kind initiative but also to lay a foundation for its commitment to making the first-ever zero-carbon gas grid.

The Gas Goes Green initiative would offer the green-print model that is required to achieve this goal, and in doing so it would solve a few of the biggest issues faced by decarbonization policy, said Hindle.

As per experts, complete decarbonizing of heating systems continues to be one of the largest technical hurdles as the country pursues to become a net-zero emission economy by 2050.

However, with the implementation of this initiative, involved companies claim that nearly 85 percent of Britains houses that are connected to the grid could attain a cost-effective way for decarbonizing heat using hydrogen and biomethane.

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