Despite the UK government’s green light for dine-in restaurant eating, Deliveroo, the British online food delivery app, has reportedly seen a 59% hike in its online orders across the United Kingdom and Ireland between July and September.

Avoiding to reports, a collaboration with retail giant Amazon has more than doubled the number of users for its premium subscription service.

In the third quarter, the food delivery platform, which has done well throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, with consumers usually stuck under lockdown restrictions, reported 35.8 million orders, up from 22.6 million in the same period last year.

Including the company's overseas market sales, it received 74.6 million orders, a 64% increase from 45.4 million. This year, the firm anticipates the gross transactional value (GTV) of all orders to increase by 60% to 70%. Deliveroo has previously told its investors that they should expect a growth of 50% to 60%. The company’s total GTV grew by 58% to £1.59 billion in the third quarter.

Will Shu, founder and CEO of Deliveroo, stated that while the firm is cognizant of current possible macroeconomic disruptions and concerns, it expects a continued strong performance through the rest of the year and is raising its full-year growth projection.

According to the firm, despite the widescale recensions of lockdown limitations, the average client audience frequency remained steady at 3.3 times each month in the third quarter.

the firm also dismissed a drop in average monthly active customers from 7.8 million in the second quarter of 2021 to 7.5 million in the third as normal seasonality, particularly in European markets.

GTV in the UK and Ireland decreased by a quarter, from £921 million to £852 million, owing to seasonality impacts, according to the firm. GTV in its foreign markets decreased from £818 million to £742 million years over year.

Deliveroo claimed its new collaboration with Amazon; which provides all paying Prime subscribers a year of free access to Deliveroo Plus, ensuring limitless free delivery on orders above £25, had effectively doubled sign-ups in the United Kingdom and Ireland, post the scheme’s mid-September launch.

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