TikTok has reportedly announced its plans to expand its third-party service integration by acquiring Whisk, a cookery app. This alliance has allowed the social networking platform to directly link their food vloggers and creators to the recipes from the Whisk app. The company is testing this feature by overlaying a “recipe” button on food-related TikTok videos. This feature encourages viewers to not only watch the content, but also to save it for later use, making the TikTok cooking videos as active as possible.

This new addition will possibly drive more web traffic to the Whisk app, especially in case any food recipe goes viral; for instance, the “TikTok Pasta” video, which has become viral in recent days. TikTok has revealed that this feature is made available in collaboration with Whisk and is currently in the alpha phase of testing.

The company is actively working with Whisk for identifying food vloggers and culinary content creators, who can provide constructive feedback through first-hand experience. This feature was found in action on the profile named The Korean Vegan, one of the top food content creators on TikTok.

Talking about the feature, it is simple to operate for TikTok viewers. A user may come across a food-related video on the app that has the newly added button reading “See full recipe”. This button will appear on the screen just above the video description and creator’s name on the screen’s bottom left, on the same spot as the “Green Screen” button did previously.

Once tapped, the user is directed to a Whisk page where they can see ingredients and view recent food photos. If the TikTok user also happens to be a Whisk user, they can save the recipe to their own collection. All these actions take place within the TikTop app.

From the creator’s side, the recipe button can be added to the video through a new “add link” alternative while processing the post workflow. However, this “save recipe” feature on a TikTok video would not necessarily be restricted to food content creators.

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