Reliance Industries, Tata Power, and ReNew Power are reportedly among the major solar module producers participating in the bidding process of the Tranche II (second phase) of a Production-Linked Incentive Program. The PIL is part of the ‘National Program on High-Efficiency Solar Modules” to achieve efficiency of GW scale in the manufacturing capacity of solar modules.

Other companies including Ampin, First Solar, Grew Energy, Shirdi Sai Electricals, Vikram Solar, and others have submitted their bids. The Solar Energy Corporation of India is organizing the bidding process, with the deadline for submission set for the 28th of February 2023. The PLI program aims at reducing the dependency of the solar sector on imports and promote domestic manufacturing of highly efficient solar modules.

The bidders have shown interest to integrate in different ways for the development of manufacturing facilities. Companies like Shirdi Sai and Reliance have submitted bids for polysilicon, cell and wafer manufacturing facilities. Other companies like Avada, JSW, ReNew, meanwhile, have submitted bids for plants integrating module and cell manufacturing.

An amount of USD 2.36 billion has been approved by the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy for Tranche II, out of which USD 1.45 billion is earmarked for vertical integration for manufacture of polysilicon, wafers, solar cells, ingots etc. The distribution of money is done in such a way that USD 544 million has been approved for vertical integration of wafers, solar modules, while USD 363 million has been allocated for solar cells and modules.

IREDA has declared a list of successful bidders for Tranche-I. Reliance New Energy’s PLI award amount was ascended to USD 232.11 million from USD 141 million. A PLI of USD 80.27 million was awarded to Adani Infrastructure, out of a total amount of USD 435.84 million. On the other hand, Shirdi Sai Electricals was awarded a PLI worth USD 227 million for a 4GW capacity.

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