UK-based fast-food brand, Ready Burger, which provides 100% plant-based alternatives to conventional fast-food items at affordable prices, has reportedly announced that it will be reducing the cost of its signature Ready Burger in January.

The burger, earlier priced at £1.99, is the lowest-priced vegan burger available in the UK, and probably the world, and has been repriced at 99p. This move comes just in time for the annual challenge, Veganuary, hosted by a UK nonprofit organization in January.

The Ready Burger consists of the company’s proprietary grilled beef-style patty, made of mushrooms, soy, and wheat, topped with pickles, white onion, American mustard, and Heinz ketchup, and served on a seed-free, toasted bun.

Apart from that, Ready Burger offers premium burgers on its menu as well, including the Big Ready, Texas Stacker, and Chicken Challenger, along with fries, drinks, and Swirlee desserts.

Launching ahead of what is expected to be the biggest Veganuary yet, the 99p Ready Burger also presents a golden opportunity for the curious ones.

Co-founder and CEO of Ready Burger, Max Miller, stated that the biggest hurdle faced when adopting a plant-based diet is the prices, but with the 99p burger being introduced in Veganuary 2022, the company will make the vegan diet more accessible for everyone.

Millers added that Ready Burger is looking forward to introducing more world’s-first vegan items on its menu the coming year at the same affordable prices the company is known for, and that it is also advancing on its expansion plans for new stores.

In an interview, Miller stated that the company is excited to launch a plant-based product in the market at an unrivaled price, challenging major household names.

For the unversed, McDonald’s vegan burger, McPlant Burger, is priced at £3.49, while Burger King’s vegan whopper costs £4.79.

In 2021, 582,000 people had signed up for Veganuary, a number which is expected to rise significantly for 2022.

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