Supermarket chain Publix has reportedly announced that it has purchased and donated more than 350,000 gallons of milk and 5 million pounds of produce to food banks in the country. The company has effectively worked with farmers in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, intending to expand the initiative to cover Virginia and Tennessee in the upcoming weeks.

In April 2020, Publix had made an announcement stating the company’s commitment towards the purchase of milk and produce from local farmers. The decision has been taken in an effort to contain the losses incurred by agriculture workers amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Todd Jones, the CEO of Publix, the company has secured the unique opportunity of bridging the gap between the needs of families and farmers who have been affected by the pandemic. He has further stated that, during these challenging times, the company remains committed to work in collaboration for finding solutions that create a positive difference for the communities in need. The company feels extremely honored to continue its support to Feeding America member food banks, and to buy milk and produce from farmers all over the Southeast, added Jones.

Sources claim that Publix had previously assured to donate the purchased dairy and agricultural produce to Feeding America food banks all over the Southeast to supply milk, fresh fruits, and vegetables to the families in need.

The Publix initiative focuses on supporting local farmers, whose produce witnessed a drastic decline in demand owing to the closure of restaurants and other food-serving establishments. The pandemic was evidently causing many farmers to discard their products as the production of agricultural produce was exceeding its sale. The program further intended to help families including those that were impacted as a result of school closings, because many people are dependent on school meals for their daily nutrition.


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