The government of the United Kingdom has reportedly announced that new investments in two locations that manufacture offshore wind farm equipment will result in the creation of over 1,000 jobs across the northeast of England.

According to reports, a South Korean firm would be constructing a £117 million factory in North Lincolnshire to manufacture turbine supports equipment, which will generate 750 new employment opportunities in the region.

Meanwhile, in Newcastle, a £70 million investment in Wallsend will protect 325 jobs while also generating new ones.

The funds have come from a combination of government grants and private capital investment. Both sites are supported by a government’s investment of £160 million in offshore wind, which was announced last year, and £180 million in private investment.

Conservative North Lincolnshire Council leader, Rob Waltham, stated that the new factory in North Lincolnshire demonstrates the confidence the government has in the region. The investment has global significance and would be instrumental in creating highly skilled, well-paying, sustainable jobs.

According to Norma Redfearn, elected mayor of North Tyneside, the capital investment at the Smulders Projects site, located on Tyne's banks, would bring a breath of new, fresh vitality to the river.

Redfearn also stated that she is thrilled to learn of the new, substantial investment in the town, as it will protect and create new jobs and also have other far-reaching benefits for the greater area.

The foundations for the monopiles that hold the turbine blades will be built by SeAH Wind. First structures are scheduled to leave the factory floor In 2023.

Other manufacturers, according to Able UK's Neil Etherington, are planning to set up novel facilities on the site as well. With regards to the construction of the aforementioned large factories as well as the new quays, approximately 2000 to 3000 temporary employment opportunities are expected to be created, Etherington added. 

UK’s Business and Energy Secretary, Kwasi Kwarteng, stated that this investment would provide multiple benefits to the entirety of Britain.

Kwarteng also added, the United Kingdom is committed to building and nurturing a robust, world-class production base so that British companies and the nation’s workers can fully capitalize on the economic benefits this windy island nation is offering.

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