In the latest news surrounding the Indian clean energy bandwagon, two renewable energy-rich Indian states have reportedly declared plans that aim to export excess energy to many other states in the country.

If reports are to be believed, the South Indian states – viz. Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh have expressed their intention to export wind and solar energy based electricity to other states. For the record, both these states are the foremost in the nation as far as renewable energy generation is concerned.

As per sources, the government of Andhra Pradesh has issued a policy that aims to incentivize the development of wind and solar energy projects and then export the produced power to other states. As subject to the policy, the government will also lease out land to private project developers so that they can conveniently set up large-scale power projects.

Additionally, the government has affirmed that its own power distribution companies will not be obligated, under any circumstances, to procure the electricity these states produce. Project developers aiming to invest in solar power equipment development facilities will be preferred for setting up power generation projects. Also, the government seems to have announced some incentives for project developers.

People familiar with the knowledge of the matter claim that Tamil Nadu has also announced certain plans in order to export surplus wind power to other states. The state aims to deploy a new high-capacity transmission line so as to export power to states in Western India. For those uninitiated, Tamil Nadu, among all Indian states, boasts of the highest wind power capacity. Often, the state is known to report surplus wind power generation during the monsoons.

It has been speculated that going forward, many other states may aim to come up with similar policies so as to attract investments in novel renewable energy projects as well as export generated power to other states.

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