CPGvision has reportedly partnered with Good Foods Group LLC to drive account-level transparency and efficiency to optimize the supply chain and production systems of Good Foods.

Matthew Newman, Good Foods Group’s Senior Vice President has stated that collaboration with CPGvision enables the company to obtain precise demand planning and forecasting.

The SVP has noted that the company was previously entering data manually into excel before collaborating with CPGvision, seeking a solution to ease their lives and improve their productivity.

Newman added that CPGvision equips the company with ideal post-analysis syndicated data to help understand lift. He also expressed his appreciation for the unmatched commitment from CPGvision to assist Good Foods in upscaling its business.

This collaboration was primarily finalized based on a team supported by authentic CPG knowledge along with a platform that extracts the power of Salesforce.

Newman is familiar with the Salesforce system as some major companies are built on this platform, making it easier for team coaching and training. Furthermore, the system fluently interacts with SAP, thus automating the process of data upload and download.

Collaborating with CPGvision has so far reduced the human error from the Good Foods team. This has enabled the company to build visibility and transparency at the account level.

For the unversed, CPGvision is developed on one tech stack and has an uptime of 99.9%. It offers open APIs to facilitate integrations.

CPGvision prioritizes the success of customers. It makes sure that the team is in line with the company’s central set of values. CPGvision intends to offer a service that enables its clients to make effective trading decisions.

On the other hand, Good Foods Group is a family-owned business based in Wisconsin with its presence in Michoacán, Mexico.

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