A state-of-the-art plant-based meat brand, Z-Rou Meat has inked a deal with IS Seafood, a B2B seafood supplier. The deal that was signed in Shanghai, China is perceived as a landmark agreement in boosting its penetration through sales and distribution.

For the uninitiated, Z-Rou Meat was rolled out in December last year and had started by providing wholesome and delicious plant-based meat to mainstream restaurants. Z-Rout Meat is believed to be made with 100% plant ingredients such as non-GMO soybeans, coconut oil, konjac, and shitake that produce aroma, mouthwatering flavor and texture of pork keeping quality and taste of the protein intact. Apparently, every ingredient is locally sourced, and the end product is 87% more efficient vis-à-vis conventional pork production pertaining to environmental impact.

IS Seafood is leaving no stone unturned to change the way seafood is sold in China by using state-of-the-art processing and packaging techniques. Birgir Stefansson, founder and CEO of IS Seafood is sanguine about the future of the company. He stressed that IS Seafood and Z-Rou Meat are on the same page in propelling sustainability by reducing meat consumption based on environmental factors. The CEO was left awestruck when Z-Rou approached him, and he believes introduction of the futuristic and tasty product will complement their core values and roadmap.

David Laris, a celebrity chef who played a catalyst role in bringing three companies on the table, was ecstatic to see the agreement come to fruition and believed other companies would take a cue from the deal and gain a strong foothold in the market.

It is said that Franklin Yao, founder of Z-Rou Meat, took a leaf out of eating Beyond sausage and Impossible Burger in the U.S. Franklin went on to add that he perceived Z-Rou Meat as global brand from China that would provide service globally.

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