• The company will reach close to 40% reduction in carbon emission by the end of 2020
  • The total power generation capacity of the company will be increased to 4,535 MW after the investment
Prominent electric service company- Evergy Inc. has reportedly announced the expansion of its wind energy capacity by 660 MW with an aim to reduce carbon emissions by close to 80% below 2005 levels by the end of 2050, in accordance with the Paris Climate Agreement targets. As per Terry Bassham, President and CEO, Evergy, the enterprise aims at constantly reducing the levels of carbon emission and increasing the total quantity of wind generation that helps in the reduction of the cost of operations and ensuring that they are more sustainable. The investment will help in improving the economy of the state of Kansas by providing additional income to rural communities by way of job creation. Investment made by Evergy will accelerate its total power generation capacity to 4,535 MW. The generated energy from new wind farms will help in the expansion and support of the firm’s Direct Renewables Program which provides companies in Kansas access to sustainable wind power that reduces the overall cost of energy. For the record, Evergy Inc. aims at using the added wind energy from 4 new farms as a means of economic development to attract technology firms and manufacturers who are looking for reliable, environmentally friendly, carbon-free and affordable sources of power. The four new wind projects namely Expedition Wind, Flat Ridge 3, Jayhawk Wind and Ponderosa Wind will contribute USD 180 million in economic benefits towards Kansas along with several constructions and permanent green energy jobs. Reportedly, the electricity produced from all the four wind energy projects will be used to the draw the interest of potential industrial and commercial customers. Evergy Inc. serves nearly 1.6 million customers in Missouri and Kansas region. The company provides almost half the power using emission-free sources to businesses and homes. Source Credits: https://www.windpowerengineering.com/kansas-utility-evergy-wind-to-energy-portfolio/