The burgeoning population statistics across the globe have initiated the needs for ample energy sources be it the wind energy, solar energy, or any other. This growing demand has let the Danish manufacturers and seller of wind turbines, Vestas Wind Systems to procure an order from Puhuri Oy to realize two of the wind projects in Finland.

Reportedly, the company has secured a 101 MW order from one of the leading developers and investors in wind energy, Puhuri Oy for the Parhalahti and Hankila projects situated in Northern Ostrobothnia in the regions of Finland. This procurement has led the company’s order intake across Finland this year above 800 MW with approximately 600 MW of the volume agreed for the EnVentus platform.

As per reliable sources, the Parhalahti and Hankila projects are expected to comprise of EnVentus V162-5.6 MW turbines included with a 166m hub height and AOM 5000 service agreement. Making use of the V162-5.6 MW turbine’s industry prominent energy production and capacity, the solution would boost the project’s yearly energy production and diminish the cost of energy used.

Speaking on the mater, the MD of Puhuri Oy, Antti Vilkuna cited that Vestas has till date has developed competitive solutions which optimally fits the market based investments in Finland, establishing high profitable grounds for the upcoming projects of the company. He further added that the company lays its trust in Vestas’ project experience and solutions and is looking forward to strengthening its partnership with Vestas in the upcoming years.

For the uninitiated, Vestas serves as the energy sector’s worldwide partner on the sustainable energy solutions. The company designs, develops, and manufactures wind turbines globally.

Meanwhile, Christer Baden Hansen, the Vice President Sales North and West, Vestas Northern and Central Europe stated that the Enventus order from Puhuri Oy has bolstered Vestas’ stance in the global market in Nordics. This further lay focus on the determination and capability of the company to innovate the industry-leading technology which would offer reduced cost of energy to the Finnish energy customers along with highlighting the competitiveness of wind energy.

Source credit:!NewsView