Danish wind turbine company Vestas is reportedly launching V136-4.2 MW Extreme Climate wind turbine, as part of its effort towards offering innovative solutions for meeting customer needs. Apparently, the new variant of proven and powerful 4 MW platform delivers max energy production in medium to low wind speeds and is being designed for handling tough weather conditions which have been challenging to exploit in the past.

A press release from Vestas reveals that this Extreme Climate variant offers design optimizations which include a strengthened hub and a re-enforced blade, developing directly on the V136-4.2 MW turbine. This new variant also has an ability to withstand very high wind speeds of 53 m/s, and extreme wind gusts of up to 74-78 m/s.

Further from the reports, this variant is also designed for enduring above-average intensity of lightning strikes and frequency events related to Typhoons. The state-of-the-art full-scale converter of Vestas offers advanced reactive and active power capabilities, which makes the V136-4.2 MW Extreme Climate very suitable in areas with low grid capacity.

Thomas Korzeniewski, Vice President of Product Strategy for Vestas, was quoted saying that the company is connecting its proven technology with customized solutions, by introducing V136-4.2 MW Extreme Climate, for helping customers unlock medium to low wind sites with high turbulence. Korzeniewski further said that the larger rotor offers enhanced energy generation, with the versatility and strength necessary for handling high turbulence and extreme wind gusts.

President of Vestas Asia Pacific, Clive Turton, was quoted saying that the broad range of industry-leading offerings and global experience means that the company is able to deliver customized sustainable energy solutions for meeting the needs of specific markets, such as Japan. Turton added that Vestas is building on the reliability of the 4MW platform of the company for broadening its applicability in challenging and diverse wind and weather conditions.