Ever since the success of Hungry Jack’s latest plant-based meat burger, Aussie meat alternative startup v2food has been on a trajectory to become a billion-dollar business. Recently, the company came into limelight as it revealed raising $35 million from its Series A funding round.

Prior to this, v2food had helped Australian fast-food giant Hungry Jack’s in creating meat flavored patty for their Rebel Whopper burger. The burger was well received in almost all of Hungry Jack’s outlets and was successful in fulfilling fan’s demands.

According to reliable sources, the meat-free patty which was made from sunflower oil, coconut fat, and legumes, resembled the same taste as original meat. Moreover, v2food had partnered with Main Sequence Ventures, Jack Cowin’s Competitive Foods Australia and CSIRO to make this patty.

Reports suggest that v2food is planning to introduce its latest patty in new restaurants and will eventually launch in supermarkets in near future.

According to Nick Hazell, Founder and CEO, v2food, the company started its business to address the existential question feeding 10 billion people that are expected to live on this planet by 2050. The company believes that it would be difficult to survive without meat in the future.

Hazell claims that plant-based meat would turn out to become a huge industry over the coming 30 years and the company desires to be at the forefront of this industry.

Hazell explains that presently, the entire world is facing a crucial sustainability crisis, which has fueled the plant-based movement. The company is working on its vision to offer consumers an alternative that tastes just as meat. This would help those consumers who are not quite committed to switch into a vegan lifestyle.

He further added that beef is mostly purchased from supermarkets in Australia, and the company plans to soon enter the grocery industry in future.

Source Credit: https://www.news.com.au/finance/business/retail/v2food-the-company-behind-hungry-jacks-rebel-whopper-raises-35-million-in-series-a-funding-round/news-story/65fa07206ee8eb6ad1ed7d4d857fd156