A group of nine module producers, including Trina Solar have reportedly agreed to standardize the size of the rectangular silicon wafer modules at 2382*1134mm. This agreement is established based on Trina Solar's 210R modules, which had 2384*1134mm when they were introduced in April 2022.

Apparently, the nine firms have also demanded that the 210mm series module designs of the present and the future must comply with the requirements for the dimensions of the module and mounting holes set according to the China Photovoltaic Industry Association.

For the unversed, Trina Solar has been at the forefront of the industry by spearheading standardization with its Golden Size concept for design and products. The company has created a strong basis for the industry-wide standardization of module size.

As per sources, at this year's SNEC expo in Shanghai, prominent module producers used the dimensions 2384/2380*1134mm in their products. Trina Solar will now work to establish an industry standard alongside the other eight businesses.

Sources also reveal that Trina Solar's large-format modules' dimensions were standardized by the China Photovoltaic Industry Association in May 2021. These standards apply to 66-cell modules with the overall dimensions of 2384*1303mm and 2172*1303mm 60-cell modules with mounting hole placements based on 210mm cells.

210mm wafer technology exhibits strong advantages, especially the Vertex 600W+ modules. Trina Solar pioneers the use of 700W+ in the industry owing to the integration of n-type technology and its cutting-edge 210 technology. With this collaborative effort, the PV industry advances towards 210mm technology.

The trend towards bigger formats and better power output has been a fundamental driver for improving and upgrading the industry at various phases of growth. The standardization of module size is a key factor in this advancement.

According to Trina Solar, the latest collaborative effort marks the end of the historical size variations in the module sizes and highlights a clearer trend towards 210mm modules with ultra-high power and improved performance which will positively impact the photovoltaic sector internationally.

Source- https://finance.yahoo.com/news/trina-solar-takes-lead-standardization-043200890.html