The Switzerland-based agrochemical company Syngenta has recently announced that it has obtained the EPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) clearance for its Vibrance Cinco fungicide seed treatment. Reportedly, the fungicide is used in corn to protect it against potent soil-and-seed-borne diseases.

The company claims that its fungicide guards the crops from diseases such as Rhizoctonia, Pythium, Fusarium among other soil-and-seed-borne diseases. According to an independent trial, Syngenta’s fungicide delivered a two bushel per acre yield advantage under normal disease pressure, while under heavy disease pressure the yield advantage jumped to 6.7 bushels per acre.

Dale Ireland, Ph.D., Seedcare technical product lead at Syngenta revealed in a press release that Vibrance Cinco comprises five strong fungicidal active ingredients and provides five different modes of actions within a single jug solution that helps the product to offer the most comprehensive and consistent disease protection out of all the products present in the market.

According to Dr. Ireland the significant improvement in corn yield is the outcome of the product’s exceptional disease protection capabilities that facilitates maximum development of roots, emergence, above-ground crop development, and stand establishment.

Syngenta claims that EPA approval of Vibrance Cinco not only exhibits its high performance products capabilities but also shows the company’s drive and commitment in providing optimal, long-lasting, and sustainable solutions. According to the company officials, the consumers can further expect new & innovative product releases down the line.

It has been reported that the Vibrance Cinco fungicide is the latest addition to Syngenta’s robust product pipeline of seed treatments.

The farmers who are interested in boosting their crop immunity through the use of this product are advised to consult their seed dealer as they are the ones who can decide better on seed treatment products can be used on the corn seeds.