PPG is slated to introduce market-place ready coatings meant to ameliorate the electric-vehicle battery performance, cost, safety, durability for customers during the Advanced Automotive Battery Conference (AABC) Europe.

PPG Industries is also expected to bring forth PPG Coratherm thermal gap filler which is touted to be marketplace-ready and cost-effective thermal management solution which provides low density and exceptional performance. PPG Coratherm is apparently available in 1K and 2K shapes which can be tailored for specific requirements of each OEMs.

According to sources, the development and validation of PPG Coratherm thermal gap filler will be on the table to be discussed by PPG senior scientist, research and technology, automotive OEM coatings Calum Munro.

PPG Industries is enabling battery and component manufacturers and electric-vehicle OEMs to expedite the growth of energy storage solutions for commercial and automotive vehicles. The company is said to signify the growth of a cost-efficient cathode binder that can lower the use of solvent NMP. PPG Industries expects marketplace-ready binder to aid in streamlining processes of application and formulation, which apparently reduces mixing times by up to 90% and prolongs battery cycle life.

The company’s repertoire on broad based materials incorporates almost every facet of construction and designing of lithium-ion batteries, thereby boosting service life, manufacturing throughput, enhancing energy density, lowering cost per-kilowatt-hour and propelling safety.

Against the industry decline of 22.9%, PPG Industries’ shares witnessed an upward trend and gained 25.6%. The company expects adjusted EPS of $6.17-$6.27 that considers YoY growth projection at constant currencies of 15% at the middle of the 4th quarter.

One of the world’s prominent events for automotive battery technologies—AABC Europe— is being held from January 12, 2020 through January 16, 2020 in Wiesbaden, Germany. PPG Industries will showcase a slew of solutions for pack applications and battery cell, including an NMP free cathode binder, adhesives, pack sealants, intumescent coatings and dielectric.

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