PepsiCo Food, the renowned maker of the Lay’s potato chips, in its recent announcement has unveiled that it is shifting toward more healthy snack options. Reportedly, the company aims to come up with a multigrain snack called as Sunbites, which is already a symbol of a healthy snack brand among the Thais. If sources familiar with the matter are to be believed, the move comes in the wake of the company’s strategic 2016-2025 plan to focus on three core priorities that includes improving the health & well-being through its products, empowering people across the globe, and protecting the planet. Consumers today are more health conscious in their food choices and that’s practically driving the food & beverage industry players to bet big in this space by acquiring healthier snack makers, cite industry experts. The marketing director of foods at Pepsi-Cola Thai Trading, Nitin Bhandari, was quoted saying that the company’s ambition is to serve better nutrition and reduce added saturated fat, sugar, and sodium levels in their products at the present scale. He further added that the company will continue to develop a broader portfolio of food & beverage choices to meet the changing consumer needs. PepsiCo Food, a part of Pepsi-Cola Thai Trading Co., claimed that in 2025, no less than three-fourth of its global foods portfolio volumes will be over 1.3 mg of sodium per calorie and 1.1 g of saturated fat per 100 calories. For the record, whole grains, vegetables, dairy, and fruits that deliver everyday protein and hydration are considered as everyday nutrition products. In a bid to move a step further, the company will be focusing on Sunbites, which was already introduced in the Thai market in 2010. And now it has launched Sunbites Plus, which is made from rice, ricebery, and seaweed that reduces the product’s fat percentage under 40.  The company expects this newly launched product to get a warm welcome from the Thai consumers.