Amid the growing spread of coronavirus, different countries are coming together and helping each other get through this crisis. Recently, New Zealand shipped essential items, which also includes food, to Singapore as per a trade declaration signed between the two nations.

New Zealand and Singapore have pledged to make sure that the production and supply of essential commodities is being done through airports and seaways to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

Chan Chun Sing, the Trade and Industry Minister of Singapore stated that the trade declaration is a direct result of a new joint ministerial statement between nine nations in March. Sing also added that nation is looking forward to receive new shipments from New Zealand and that the trade declaration would welcome other countries interested to join and help keep supply chain connected and open.

Speaking about the country’s relations with New Zealand, Sing affirmed the strong connection Singapore shares with New Zealand by labeling it as a like-minded and close partner of the country. Both countries also have very close economic ties.

Uruguay, Myanmar, Laos, Chile, Canada, Brunei, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore are the nine members of trade declaration that have ensured to keep the supply for essential commodities open during this crisis.

The nations highlighted the significance of not having export tariffs or controls as well as non-tariff barriers, and of eliminating trade-restrictive measures imposed over essential commodities, specifically medical supplies, due to the pandemic. The nine nations would also find and address trade issues that are affecting the goods supply.

Fruits, fish, meat, vegetables, and medical equipment like catheters, ultrasonic scanning equipment, and syringes are some of the products that fall under the trade declaration.

Singapore’s government has highlighted the importance of supply chain resilience and has also credited  the strategy of further diversifying the country’s food sources as an integral step to ensure that Singapore gets through the economic slump brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.


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