Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials (MCAM), a renowned leader in high-performance thermoplastics, has reportedly announced that it has entered a deal to acquire c-m-p GmbH, a renowned high-performance materials manufacturer based in Germany, through Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials GmbH, its German subsidiary. The deal is expected to close early in March 2020.

The addition of c-m-p, both the companies could further improve their market position in the field of composites, along with developing future composite materials. The entity that is being acquired was a 50:50 partnership between the original founders of DowAksa B.V. and c-m-p GmbH. MCAM, would be acquiring 100% shares of c-m-p through this acquisition.

Michael Koch, CEO, Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials, stated that the acquisition would improve the company’s ability to develop prepreg solutions for customers in Europe, a step further into the company’s mission. MCAM which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Japan, recognizes c-m-p GmbH as a renowned leader in its area of expertise and also plans in preserving and enlarging the unique market identity of c-m-p.

Koch further stated that various corporate development activities, like acquisition of c-m-p, has contributed to the capability of MCAM to grow consistently and rapidly while simultaneously maintaining quality and innovation.

Through this acquisition, c-m-p could benefit from the global network of industry partners, technology advancements, and customer relationships of Mitsubishi Chemical. This would bring market expertise, new technologies, and specialized skills to the group. Through the extensive network of Mitsubishi Chemical, new applications and materials would be further developed for automotive, sports equipment, utility services and aviation industry.

The acquisition would enable Mitsubishi Chemical to become capable of developing prepreg materials across Europe, along with its capabilities in USA and Asia.

Rolf Dothagen, Managing Director, c-m-p GmbH, stated that the company is thrilled to have MCAM as the new owner.

Dothagen further stated that becoming a crucial part of the wide global network of Mitsubishi Chemical would enable the company to develop c-m-p to the next level, thereby being stronger commercial and technical prepreg partner to its consumers.

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