•  RPD Energy would be supplying wind energy as well as Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to the five LG plants in Illinois, Texas & New Jersey.
  •  The power would be supplied under the innovative affinity program called Purely Green.
Renewable Power Direct (RPD Energy), an affordable clean energy provider, has reportedly announced that it would be supplying wind energy as well as Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to five facilities belonging to the US arm of renowned multinational firm, LG Electronics. Reports cite, the LG facilities, located in Illinois, Texas & New Jersey, would be supplied the clean energy under the innovative affinity program called the Purely Green. The program was launched by RPD Energy earlier this year in partnership with Hudson Energy, EDP Renewables & Intuit. According to a report by Windpower Engineering, developed by Intuit and supplied by Hudson Energy and EDP Renewables, the innovative Purely Green program creates a breakthrough which allows more companies to purchase directly-sourced clean renewable energy on terms that are favorable to the companies. LG Electronics USA is reportedly the latest firm to capitalize on the unique & innovative energy supply agreement. For the company’s part, the innovative 2018 wind energy projects support LG’s efforts to cut down its rate of greenhouse gas emissions for its U.S. operations by approximately 50% by the year 2020. The Senior Vice President of Public Affairs at LG Electronics USA, John I. Taylor stated that the company lauds the new innovative approach to energy supply brought in by the Purely Green program as it eliminates common barriers that make it difficult to access renewable energy. Taylor further added that Hudson Energy & RPD Energy developed a unique structure that has made it possible for the company to purchase wind energy through short-term contracts for its five distribution facilities at an affordable rate. Reportedly, the financial information related to the matter has not been unveiled yet.