South Korean flat panel display producer LG Display is reportedly focusing its efforts on bringing its latest offering of mid-sized organic light emitting diode (OLED) panels into the gaming monitor arena.

Confirming the status of this new development, a spokesperson of the company has stated that the corporation is steadily working toward introducing a new flat panel display with OLED technology by the end of the year at a size ranging between 20 and 30 inches.

However, LG is yet to reveal which of the two manufacturing units between Paju, South Korea, and Guangzhou, China would be responsible for handling production.

The new panel will be produced using mother glass substrates that are 2.2 meters wide and 2.5 meters high with the aid of an 8.5 generation manufacturing process. These panels will then be supplied to the makers of monitors as well as other electronic devices.

This decision is a first step into the world of mid-sized panels for the South Korean mogul because so far, the company has only been producing either flat panel displays for televisions that are more than 40 inches in size or for smartphones that are less than 20 inches.

Notably, this initiative is a part of the company’s long-term plan of capitalizing on the growing demand for high-end gaming monitors.

Interestingly, this trend was foreshadowed by LG Display’s most prominent TV set client LG Electronics, which witnessed a commendable jump of over 80% in revenue in the first half of 2022 from the sale of its smallest OLED TV lineups, particularly the 42 and 48 inch-TVs, which are designed with the gamers’ taste in mind.

The competition seems fierce currently as more companies are venturing into the domain of leveraging their finest technologies for gaming monitors so that users may experience vivid colors through a smoother display unit.

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