• Purify Fuel inks a deal with Kanoo Blue for NanO2 Combustion Catalysts distribution in Middle East region.
  • Close sources label this partnership to be an economical and sustainable deal.
The manufacturer of the NanO2 Combustion Catalyst, Purify Fuel has reportedly announced signing an exclusive distribution deal with Kanoo Blue, a company that brings various disruptive technologies together for supporting different sectors.  Apparently, the combustion catalyst helps diesel consumers save humongous amounts of money while enhancing the performance and fuel efficiency in Marine Gasoil (MGO). As per credible sources, amalgamation of NanO2 Combustion Catalyst with MGO enables the shipowners to dodge the compatibility issues aligned with VLSFO blends along with the mechanical challenges pertaining to running on multiple fuel types, thereby boosting efficiency and money control. Moreover, the recent implementation of IMO 2020’s sweeping legislation has led an increase in VLSFO prices above MGO which focuses on the use of NanO2 Combustion Catalyst. Under this pact, Kanoo is expected to act as a distribution partner in the Middle East region, offering aid to customers in marine, oil services, mining, transportation, and power generation industries to accomplish cleaner and highly efficient diesel. For records, Kanoo Blue is determined on identifying and bringing to its clients the best innovative technologies recently available globally in the field of science and technology across different business segments. Speaking on the partnership, Bader Abdulaziz Kanoo, Chairman of Kanoo Blue reportedly cited that the alliance between companies would not just be good economically, but it will also yield environment sustainability. He further added that NanO2 Combustion Catalyst solution developed would support diesel engines’ efficient functioning and significantly reducing toxic emissions. Meanwhile, John Carroll, the CEO of Purify Fuel cited that this deal builds the company’s first exclusive partnership with Mencast Holdings, making Purify Fuel’s NanO2 viable in three of world’s largest refueling ports with annual sales of more than 20 billion gallons. For the uninitiated, Purify Fuel develops patented nanotech based rare earth oxides which help large diesel engine operators save money and lessen emissions. Source credit: https://www.afp.com/en/news/1313/purify-fuels-nano2-combustion-catalystr-be-distributed-middle-east-kanoo-blue-202002040060691