Renowned shipbuilding conglomerate Hyundai Heavy Industries Group has reportedly made it to the headlines for building the first LNG-powered super-large container ship across the globe. As per sources familiar with the knowledge of the matter, Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries officially declared that it plans to deliver a 14,800 TEU (1 TEU is equal to a single 20 ft container) class container ship that was ordered by the Singapore EPS company, on the 15th of September.

Apparently, the container ship is the worlds first super-large one that uses LNG as fuel. Reports claim that it is 51 mtr wide, 29.9 mtr deep, and 366 mtr long. It also has a 12,000 meter cube class huge LNG fuel tank that will help enhance its operations when it is made to take round-trip routes between Europe and Asia with a single charge.

The company very recently, had completed undertaking a test run for the ship, with a round 130 people onboard, inclusive of shipbuilders and shipowners.

Reportedly, the LNG fuel tank is manufactured from 9% nickel steel, that is known to maintain its strength even in cryogenic environments (-163 degrees Celsius). The design and layout of the fuel supply system (FGSS), dual fuel engine, and LNG fuel tank have also been duly optimized to increase container loading efficiency and safety.

For the record, the company has received around six orders from EPS in the year 2018 (in April) and may deliver all of them by Q3 2022. The company has seemingly received orders for 44 LNG-powered ships from container ships, tankers, bulk carriers, and more, with the highest order performance worldwide.

According to an official at Hyundai Heavy Industries Group, eco-friendly ships such as the LNG propulsion ships have been receiving traction, similar to the rise of EVs these days.

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