Hong Kong has reportedly announced that it has decided to effect new restrictions to curb the increasing number of coronavirus cases in the city. The restrictions comprise a total ban on restaurant dining and mandate the use of facemasks while stepping outdoors. The Hong Kong authorities have warned that it is a critical period to contain the spread of COVID-19.

According to Matthew Cheung, the Chief Secretary, the situation is very worrying as the present outbreak is the most severe the city has ever experienced. He has further stated that these measures will be effective for a duration of seven days ahead of July 29.

The Chinese-ruled territory has halted dine-in services owing to increasing concerns of a third wave of coronavirus infections but has permitted cafes and restaurants to function throughout the day as normal. This is the first time when Hong Kong has issued a complete ban on dining in restaurants.

The city has registered more than 2,600 cases since late January, and has, so far, witnessed the death of 19 patients.

Hong Kong’s Hospital Authority has stated that the new cases are being found at a much faster rate as compared to the admitting capacity of public schools. China’s liaison office in Hong Kong has stated that the central government had assured of boosting the coronavirus testing capacity in the city, helping to set up hospitals for the infected people.

As reported, the city has witnessed a spike in the number of locally transmitted coronavirus cases over the last three weeks. The Hong Kong authorities have reported a new daily record of 145 cases on Monday, of which 142 infections were locally transmitted.

The authorities have expressed concerns over citizens becoming too lax about social distancing norms and the use of facemasks. The current situation has also caused the city to seal off popular beaches and introduce new rules to restrict the movements of ship and flight crews.


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