HELM Agro has signed an agreement with BASF corp. regarding the purchase of the company’s EXTREME herbicides. For the uninitiated, EXTREME herbicide is a leader in the category of value-added herbicides and provides outstanding burndown and control over 50 broadleaf and grass weeds in cultivation of Clearfield corn Roundup, Ready alfalfa, Roundup Ready soybeans. President of HELM Agro US, Jan Stechmann reported that HELM has started working with EXTREME to provide solutions in weed control which will successfully help growers and provide them with good returns on their investments. HELM’s decision may have come on the heels of EXTREME still being a highly recognized tool among U.S. growers, speculate reports. Global Executive Portfolio Manager, Ulrich Schöfl said that the collaboration with EXTREME is indicative of HELM’s prominent commitment to the U.S. crop protection market. Seeking new possibilities in expanding the global portfolio by means of promoting advanced products is what HELM is looking forward to, he added. For the record, EXTREME enhances weed control using imazethapyr and glyphosate, when applied after a soil residual pre-emergence herbicide and works as a vital resistance tool for management of weeds that are difficult to control like Marestail, Morningglory, Waterhemp, Foxtail and Velvetleaf. This highly adaptable product can be applied to plants which are either in their pre-emergence, early postemergence or even in pre-plant stage. EXTREME is also known to reduce the deployment of a second glyphosate application on Roundup Ready soybeans at a rate of at 3 pints per acre. National Sales Director, Michael Hoger has stated that customers will be able to enjoy the benefits of superior sales support as well as better product quality once EXTREME is transferred to HELM. Hoger further added that the company’s sales team is eager to offer its services to this market along with HELM’s existing top-quality products such as insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides.