Renowned oilfield services company, Gradiant Energy Services (GES) has reportedly announced the successful completion of an evaporation pilot project for a super major in the Permian Basin to address surging disposal concerns. For the record, GES is addressing the industry’s wastewater challenges through cutting edge technologies and tailored engineering solutions.

The company’s CGC (Carrier Gas Concentration) technology is slated ideal for E&P operators in remote regions that have disposal constraints, high trucking costs, or need to increase evaporation rates in pits and ponds. The technology offers several benefits like minimum energy expenditure and the separation of drain water heating from the physical separation process, unlike other water treatment technologies.

Basically, CGC works on the principle of humidification of a carrier gas via a multi-stage bubble column. The technology was implemented to evaporate 1,000 barrels per day of produced water in the Permian Basin. It used natural gas as a fuel source for more than 25 days.

According to Kushal Seth, Vice President of Technology and Engineering at GES, disposal constraints are turn out to be a key concern for operators in the Permian. Excess produced water volumes would create potential environmental liabilities, higher disposal costs, and limited disposal capacity for E&Ps operating in the basin.

Seth added that GES, as an end-to-end cycle water treatment technology solution provider, is a strategic partner for super majors and other operators to offer sustainable and cutting-edge solutions to reduce disposal costs. This project proves the economics of the company’s value proposition to its clients.

Reportedly, the CGC technology was successfully demonstrated to senior management members of numerous super majors as well as operational teams in Latin America. The technology would be used during the probing phase for unconventional development, where it would be evaporating the flowback and produced water in the third quarter of 2020.

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