Havas Chicago, a renowned advertising company, reportedly announced a new digital collaboration with Hometown Food Company, a renowned US-based food firm. With this partnership, Havas further expanded its client roster for CPG brands. Havas Chicago would specifically be collaborating with Hometown’s Pillsbury Baking portfolio, particularly the Funfetti and the Pillsbury brands.

Hometown Food Company took this decision after conducting a competitive selection procedure where Havas Chicago won the competition owing to the company’s profound understanding of customer and category.

As part of the new partnership, Havas Chicago would now have creative and strategic responsibilities for Pillsbury’s social and digital platforms.

Chief Client Officer and the President of Havas Chicago, Nicole Laughlin stated that Pillsbury is a famous American brand, perfectly matched with Havas Chicago’s expertise in making successful American brands from culture and craft. The company needs to understand todays families and modern kitchens it caters to in efforts to convey a suitable brand story that would work at each part in the marketing funnel.

Laughlin added that the company is committed to utilizing its combined approach in creative, strategy, digital and data to offer the best experiences that enable Funfetti and Pillsbury to take part in the culture and further connect with their key audience of millennial mothers.

Havas Chicago would elevate social and digital storytelling on Pillsbury’s reputation of bringing the newest food trends and bringing fun in the kitchen. The company would develop innovative ideas for major seasonal periods like Summer, Easter, Holiday, and Fall Baking. More particularly, the agency would offer daily strategic counsel, digital media planning, novel campaign development, social creative concepting, community management, content creation, and social strategic management.

Dan Anglemyer, Chief Operating Officer, Hometown Food Company, stated that the team was seeking an entrepreneurial and ambitious partner that would bring CPG expertise and share the same attitude as Hometown.

Anglemyer further added that the company has full confidence that Havas Chicago’s creative thinking and strategic approach would aid the company in growing its iconic baking brands. The company is thrilled to work with Havas and anticipates seeing the outcome of this collaboration.


Source credit: https://apnews.com/Business%20Wire/f031c64a506c4f30a1d07bb078ec51a9