Evolution Well Services has reportedly inked a two-year contract to offer electric fracturing services which will see natural gas produced on site replace diesel-powered generators. EWS will provide services to an unnamed onshore oil and gas producer beginning Q1 2020.

Apparently, hydraulic fracturing technology is 100% electric powered and is propelled with built-for-purpose natural-gas-burning turbine generator package and proprietary, that is packaged and designed by Dynamis Power Solutions, EWS’ affiliate. The technology bolstered by EWS and Dynamis leverages the Evolution electric fracturing fleet to be significantly quieter and 50% smaller vis-à-vis traditional fleets.

Carrie Murtland, Evolution’s Vice President of technology and marketing, noted that clients were grappling with mounting pressure to perform more viable and sustainable completion operations on their assets. Murtland heaped praised upon the agreement and stressed that Evolution would continue to spearhead innovation in electric frac, claiming their fleets are both viable and apt for consumers.

Nick Ruppelt, Evolution’s Director of Sales stated that reduction of emissions, footprint, and noise has helped the company to offer industry-leading, efficient services and curb the impact on the environment and neighboring communities.

According to sources, adoption of locally-produced natural gas as a fuel source, keeping diesel fuel at bay has translated into conservation of 5.5 million gallons of diesel by each fleet per year. It is believed that utilization of natural gas leads to cost savings of up to $1.5 million per month with each fleet. Cleaner burning of natural gas will bode well for environment and local community.

About Evolution Well Services

Evolution Well Services, based in Woodlands, Texas is the largest provider of electric hydraulic fracturing services that uses fleets bolstered by locally produced natural gas-burning turbine generator. EWS provides value-added solutions meant for pressure pumping operations. Along with Dynamis Power Solutions, EWS’ patented green technology presently conserves projected 38,500,000 gallons of diesel fuel annually.

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