Vancouver-based technology corporation EnWave has entered into a technology evaluation and license option agreement with Canadian bakery major NuWave Foods Inc. The object of this agreement is to evaluate the commercial efficiency of EnWave’s ‘Radiant Energy Vacuum’ (REV) dehydration technology.

REV technology has commercial large-scale applications in the food industry as well as the pharmaceutical sector. It allows food manufacturers to develop shelf-stable baked goods without adding preservatives. It also eliminates the need for cold storage and extends product life.

EnWave Corporation intends to sign royalty-bearing commercial agreements on REV with innovative food producers and has licensed more than 30 companies across 16 countries. The license agreement signed with NuWave rents a 10 KW REV machine for intensive product development at NuWave’s Edmonton facility.

NuWave Foods is located in Edmonton, Alberta, and has 51 per cent ownership of Blackhawk Growth Corporation. The company is known for development of new shelf-stable donut and fritter products and focuses on developing innovative food technologies to be introduced in the North American market.

EnWave’s Radiant Energy Vacuum technology currently offers two distinct commercial platforms -
  • nutraREV, a drum-based system used for dehydration of organic materials with minimal loss of nutrition and taste; and,
  • quantaREV, a tray-based system used for low-temperature drying.
This technology evaluation agreement has given NuWave Foods an exclusive option to grant REV technology license for production of shelf-stable baked goods in Canada and the United States. Under the agreement, if commercially viable products are developed, NuWave will purchase REV machinery to start commercial production at its Edmonton bakery operation. EnWave Corporation is an advanced technology company headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. The organization has developed patent-pending methods for cannabis decontamination with the help of REV technology. The company’s Limited Liability Corporation, NutraDried Food Company Limited, has been established to manufacture all-natural dairy products in the United States. The Moon Cheese brand is a product of NutraDried Food Company Limited.   Source Credits: