In a bid to expand its nutrition business and maintain its profit growth, the Netherlands-headquartered specialty chemicals manufacturer DSM has apparently declared that it plans to spend around USD 3.5 billion on acquisitions. As per reliable sources, the firm has made it clear that it would subsequently return the excess cash to its stakeholders if it fails to make acquisitions. The product portfolio of DSM, whose competitors include specialty chemical behemoths along the likes of Evonik and Lanxess, consists of infant formulas, enzymes, vitamins to fabrics and plastics utilized in construction, cars, and garments. Reportedly, the firms flagship brands include Rovimix and Dyneema. Speaking on the firms latest move, Chief Executive Officer of DSM, Feike Sijbesma was quoted stating that the firm looks forward to expanding its product range into the beverages and whole foods area where opportunities in consumer brands are abound. He further added that the firm cannot just sit on this cash for years so now it has decided to find the right targets to invest in. Sources familiar with the development claim that investors and analysts have been pressurizing Sijbesma to apportion DSMs Materials and Nutrition businesses. However, the CEO has had made it clear in his latest strategy update that it is not a part of the firms future plans. Reportedly, the materials division is likely to get a robust plan to focus on sustainable applications, biotechnology, and health products which would bring the firms activities in tandem with that of the bigger nutrition unit. According to the statement released by DSM, the firm expects a high single digit growth figure in adjusted earnings before tax, interest, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) over the span of 2019 and 2021. The firm witnessed a 15% increase in its core profit in 2017 owing to rise in its food ingredients and basic materials sales, cite reliable sources.