Domino’s Pizza, Inc., the renowned American pizza chain, has reportedly revealed that it would be expanding its menus by adding vegan pizzas by the beginning of the coming year.

Joining Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, Zizzi, Pizza Express and other pizza chains that provide tempting vegan options, Domino’s would now add a vegan cheese pizza option to its menu in three other countries as well as the UK.

PETAUK, the UK arm of animal rights organization, reportedly stated that it is thrilled that the vegan effect had started making an impact on Domino’s under the ongoing vegan pizza trend.

PETA further expressed that by adding vegan options to its menu, the pizza chain would be able to meet the growing vegan food demand and would make it simpler to lead an animal-cruelty free life.

PETA adds that the customers who do choose to eliminate dairy consumption spare cows the sufferings they face on farms and factory floors and further help to fight the devastating impact of livestock and animal agriculture on the environment.

Rachel Townsend, Domino’s spokesperson, stated that the company has been working diligently towards a perfect vegan recipe along with a distinct taste of its cheesy goodness and fresh dough.

Townsend further added that the vegan pizza lovers need not have to wait for a longer time to try out the new dish.

Vegan Pizzas

While Domino’s had previously started testing vegan pizzas in specific Durham stores back in 2018, the company launched an extended range of vegan options across Australia last month.

Nick Knight, CEO of Domino’s New Zealand and Australia, stated that the company is thrilled to have a new selection of plant-based pizza toppings, which are specifically made in Australia, and are not just affordable but tasty as well.

Pizza Hut had started offering its Vegan Pizza dish in 2017 and launched its fully-fledged vegan food menu in 2019.

Zizzi added a new option of jackfruit vegan pepperoni pizza to their autumn menu after becoming one of the first pizza restaurants to offer vegan cheese pizzas to customers.

Pizza Express, in September included a vegan cheese stuffed Baked Garlic Mushroom and a cheesy vegan Calzone Verdure in its already wide vegan range across it nearly 400 locations in the UK.

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