Technological advancements, growing millennial demographic, and an increasing preference among people to get food delivered instead of dining out is boosting the doorstep food delivery industry. Consequently, restaurants across the world are partnering with food delivery companies to increase their profits and grow their customer base.

A recent enterprise to join this trend is Buddy’s Pizza, a renowned Detroit-based independent pizza restaurant chain, who has signed a new partnership agreement with California-based food delivery service provider, DoorDash, allowing DoorDash to now deliver food from Buddy’s Pizza at  customers’ doorstep.

Prior to this partnership, Buddy’s Pizza offered food delivery from another third-party service which was restricted to a limited number of restaurant locations. However, now with this new collaboration the company would offer food delivery from all its restaurants.

Talking about the exclusive partnership, Buddys Pizza CEO, Burton Heiss stated that though most of the restaurant profit comes from dine-in, off-premise, which also includes home delivery, remains to be a crucial growth area. As the food chain looks to expand its footprint, it is also eager to leverage this collaboration with DoorDash as one way to introduce the Original Detroit-Style Pizza across new markets. DoorDash enables the restaurant’s current customers to have their favorite pizza delivered at their doorstep while also introducing the company’s pizza to a new customer base.

In addition to Buddy’s delicious deep-dish pizzas, the customers can also get soups, salads, and pasta delivered from DoorDash.

The partnership comes just before the national pizza day, and Buddy’s is utilizing this day to the fullest to help it grow its customer base in the U.S. The company is offering a free four-square pizza via DoorDash to its first 250 customers on Friday.

Moreover, no delivery charges would be applied to the pizzas delivered on Saturday and Sunday. It would be interesting to see if DoorDash plays a pivotal role in Buddy’s expansion strategy or not.

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