BASF is contemplating expansion of water-based polyurethane dispersion business at the Castellbisbal site in Spain. The single-digit million-euro investment will leverage BASF to boost its production capacity by staggering 30%.

Frank Hezel, Vice President Resins & Additives EMEA at BASF, was quoted saying they want to continue providing customers with superior and high-quality polyurethane dispersions and assist them in growing by leveraging supply reliability. Hezel later added that the investment substantiates the vision of the company to remain at the helm in polyurethane dispersions business.

With polyurethane dispersions being an invaluable inclusion to the acrylate dispersion business, portfolio expansion in the field of automotive, parquet flooring, adhesives, and industry coatings has solidified the position of BASF as a prominent company that is embracing environmentally friendlier and sustainable water-based systems.`

Automotive & Industrial platform

Auto makers appear to reap benefits using a range of plastic where the adhesion feature of the coating structure cashes in on to establish good surface quality. Reportedly, BASF has introduced Basonol PU platform that certifies the base coats and primers used for automobiles feature a smother look and have better adhesion attributes.

Furniture & Flooring platform

BASF has come up with Joncryl® platform meant for polyurethane dispersions and hybrids. The company is believed to have intentionally expanded the product range for furniture and flooring industry. Apparently, product’s scratch and abrasion resistance has enhanced considerably, and it has better resistance against household chemicals such as cleaning solutions, coffee and red wine.

Adhesives Platform

In a bid to keep up with the soaring demand for sustainable packaging, the company contemplates using the Epotal® Eco product line to produce water-based compostable raw materials for adhesives in Spain. BASF opines the product is apt for the growth of bio-degradable packaging material.

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