European chemical company BASF has recently completed a transaction with DuPont Safety & Construction, divesting its ultrafiltration membrane business. The deal involves inge GmbH shares, Greifenberg-based production site and business headquarters along with all the employees, global sales force and some intellectual property owned previously by BASF SE.

This announcement comes along the heels of a previous announcement made by the companies regarding the divestiture. The ultrafiltration membrane business was a part of the Performance Chemicals division of BASF. The division had a vast portfolio comprising of fuel & lubricant solutions, mining solutions, plastic additives, oilfield chemicals and kaolin minerals.

This deal will combine BASF and DuPont’s ultrafiltration technologies, boosting DuPont’s water purification and separation technologies portfolio which includes reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration as well as ion exchange resins.

BASF Performance Chemicals President, Anup Kothari has commented on the divestiture, stating that while the inge team has made great progress with the ultrafiltration membrane technology, there were certain limitations with BASF synergies.

He stated that becoming part of DuPont’s portfolio will present robust value addition potential for the ultrafiltration membrane technology and allow it to transcend to new levels.

Rose Lee, DuPont Safety & Construction President also gave her views on the matter, claiming that DuPont is always on the lookout for new and innovative solutions to help consumers across the globe solve water challenges.

She commented that the ultrafiltration membrane technology, supported by inge’s team of experts would help expand their portfolio and enable DuPont to create custom, integrated water treatment solutions on a global scale, pertaining to industrial, drinking water and wastewater applications.

DuPont Water Solutions’ Global Vice President & General Manager HP Nanda has also reportedly stated that while water is a local phenomenon, science is global. He added that a strong technology portfolio is needed to solve water challenges faced by their customers. He also said that BASF’s leading multi-bore PES Ultra Filtration technology will work well with DuPont’s proprietary high-flow PVDF technology, thereby providing customers access to a wider choice of solutions.

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