Vestas, a Danish wind turbines manufacturer, announced that it has secured an 86 MW order with CPC Germania, a German developer for the Lakiakangas III project situated in Isojoki, Finland. The order comprises the supply, installation, and commissioning of 20 V150-4.2 MW wind turbines in a Power Optimized Mode of 4.3 MW. It also includes a 20-year Active Output Management 5000 service agreement that ensures improved performance and long-lasting business case certainty for the customer.

The two companies have worked closely to develop the most affordable and competitive solution which in 2019 was awarded in Finlands 1st technology-neutral renewable energy auction. With this contract, Vestas strengthens its presence in the wind market of Finland, where around 400 wind turbines are installed by the company with an overall capacity of around 1,2 GW to date.

CPC Germania has completed Lakiakangas I and II projects and now working with Vestas in the Lakiakangas III wind farm. Markus Tacke, the CEO of CPC Germania stated that Lakiakangas III becomes Finlands largest wind farm to date with 20 Vestas V150-4.3 MW turbines and CPC adds another important step to our longstanding relationship with Vestas. The technology, local service organization, and track-record of Vestas can make this project a victory over the years ahead, he added.

President of Vestas Northern & Central Europe, Nils de Baar expressed that the company is pleased to have been awarded this project and hence carry on a successful partnership with CPC Germania. He further added that following the company’s guidelines for the first two stages of the Lakiakangas project, this acquisition is proof of the ability of Vestas to support its customers in winning the most competitive auction tenders and further help Finland in its transformation to clean energy at an affordable cost to the society.

Turbine delivery for Lakiakangas III is expected to be finalized by the second half of 2021.