As confirmed coronavirus cases rise in America, major industry players have shut their plants to curb the spread of COVID-19. Reportedly, Tyson Foods Inc., one of the largest meat processors and marketers of meat products in the United States, has also closed its Robards-based plant for a minimum of four days, following reported coronavirus outbreak among workers.


Speaking on which, Ron Chapman, who supervises the Henderson County operations stated that the company’s Kentucky-based facility would cancel production from Thursday to Sunday for additional cleaning and sanitization efforts.


Chapman added that as a food-producing company, Tyson Foods is following good manufacturing practices including those related to disinfection and sanitation of facilities. The company is committed to taking proactive steps like suspending production days for additional cleaning to safeguard its employees.


Sources confirmed that around 1,300 employees work at Robards-based facility. The exact reason for the shutdown of the plant has not been revealed so far. However, reliable source claims that the plant reported 74 confirmed cases of COVID-19.


This news comes after President Donald Trump inked an executive order on this Tuesday that allows working of meat-processing plants. A spokesperson for Tyson Foods thanked Trump administration for its efforts to aid the food supply chain. Apparently, the spokesperson wrote that the company would remain dedicated to safeguard its team members and continue its efforts to keep American people well-fed.


The temporary shutdown of the Robards-based facility follows the closedown of numerous Tyson Foods plants in response to increasing coronavirus cases and worker shortages caused by the on-going pandemic, including some in Washington, Indiana, and Lowa. As of the previous week, the company’s four employees had died because of COVID-19.


As per the latest news, John H. Tyson, Chairman of Tyson Foods has warned American people regarding the stress on the nation’s food supply because of the closedown of food supply companies.


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