Transgourmet and Germany’s Oetker Group have reportedly announced a joint venture with a shared interest in growing their catering business. As per sources familiar with the matter, the collaboration aims to collectively develop and systematically expand Team Beverage – Transgourmet’s catering and beverage wholesaling platform.

Through the partnership, Transgourmet and Oetker are planning to offer unique and innovative solutions to the food and beverage market.

According to the companies, the catering market has been experiencing a robust change lately, and expectations from suppliers have not remained the same anymore. Restaurateurs are now constantly seeking agreements that make their schedules lighter, so they can focus on their core business.

As per sources, Team Beverage aims to be the ultimate catering platform that provides an all-inclusive service including distribution, marketing, purchasing and service providing for beverage wholesalers and beverage retailers that can successfully fulfill every service restaurateurs can possibly need to run their place efficiently.

In a statement to sources, Frank Seipelt, Chief executive officer of Transgourmet stated that both the companies had made an entry into the market post identifying the consumers’ growing need for better performance and shorter communication channels.

The existing platform needed to be enhanced quantitively and qualitatively in order to successfully take on the challenges often faced by the entire horeca and beverage market, he further says.

The tie-up with Oetker Group would also help launch Team Beverage into the German catering sphere in line with Transgourmet’s food business, added Seipelt.

Niels Lorenz, Oetker Group, claimed that as on today, a single service limited to a single domain is not what’s needed, rather a smart solution that caters to multiple demands is what’s considered satisfactory. The better the services are packaged, the greater the value is to consumers who are seeking various services in one offering, he says.

Oetker is pleased to partner up with Transgourmet, with whom the company looks forward to developing the existing platform and offering comprehensive solutions that help customers meet their future business demands in an exceptional manner, cited Lorenz.