Mexican fast food chain TacoBell has reportedly announced that it is set to roll out 50 new restaurants in Australia. As per reliable sources, the American franchise plans to expand Down Under, after its burritos, nachos and quesadillas had a successful run at their Australian outlet in Brisbane’s Annerley.

Recently, Collins Foods, the Australian franchise that owns the rights to Taco Bell and KFC, stated that the chain is prepared to open more than 50 stores across the country in the next three years.

In a news release by Financial Review Graham Maxwell, Chief Executive of Collins Foods said that the company has witnessed tremendous enthusiasm for the Mexican food chain in Australia. As a result, the chain’s Annerley restaurant has continued to perform strongly. He further added that the company believes in the substantial growth potential of Taco Bell and is pleased to have its new owners Yum! Brands help the fast food chain expand its presence across Queensland and other cities.

Taco Bell has not yet revealed timings and locations but has confirmed they will be first heading to South East Queensland, with restaurants opening up in North Lakes, Robina, and Cleveland.
However, the fast-food giant has ascertained taco lovers that it will launch restaurants in other states within three years.

The company stated that presently it doesn’t have any specifics to share at this stage, but not all 50 stores will open in Queensland. According to sources close to the matter, after Taco Bell launched its first store in Brisbane in November 2017, the restaurant attracted a line of customers that exceeded out the door for months.

For the record, Taco Bell opened its first store in California in 1962 and currently has over 7,000 stores across the US and caters to 2 billion customers worldwide. The Mexican fast food giant previously attempted to open a branch in Sydney in 1980s and 1997 but quit both times, reported sources.