Rope access maintenance, inspection, and performance enhancement service provider Rope Partner has reportedly partnered with Gladiators Cleaning to grow its superior, cost-effective, and safe wind turbine cleaning services to new and existing clients with patented technology.

Eric Stanfield, President of Santa Cruz-based Rope Partner, said in a statement that through the partnership with Gladiators, Rope Partner will now offer external and internal tower cleaning services, including blades and nacelles at a highly lucrative fixed cost.

The company’s objective is to allow its clients for better amortization of technician mobilizations and to minimize standby by providing the capability to finish more work scopes when on-site. Clean wind turbines play a significant role in worker safety, preventive maintenance, clean environment, maximum performance, and visual aspects.

Stanfield further stated that this new association is perfectly in line with this objective and the company anticipates working with Gladiators, who have a strong safety culture, environmental awareness, and work ethic that the company respects.

The press release by Rope Partner quoted Broque Fraughton, Owner of Gladiators Cleaning, saying that Gladiator’s innovative cleaning techniques paired with Rope Partner’s operational skills, will enable the firm to deliver the best wind turbine cleaning services to its customers. Together, the companies will be able to meet the demand at a modest price for existing and new customers, stated the press release.

According to sources close to the development, the new partnership intends on keeping cleaning projects on schedule irrespective of how unclean the wind turbines are. Gladiators’ patented cleaning tool utilizes citrus-based microbes and cleaners to remove hydrocarbons, as well as extensive wastewater removal measures. The tool has proven to be the most reasonable turbine cleaning solution for both exteriors and interiors of towers, and the spinners, nacelle, blades, and hubs, reported sources.

For the record, Gladiators provides a patented cleaning device innovated to clean wind turbine towers in an efficient, quick, and safe manner.