Supermarkets including Sainsbury’s Asda, Tesco, and Aldi have reportedly issued urgent recalls for various food items owing to increased concerns of health and food safety. Retailers have decided to remove certain popular snacks and ready meals from their shelves as these products are not considered to be safe for consumption purposes.

Some food items have been reported to carry undeclared allergens inside them while others might supposedly contain plastic. Citing these fears, Fry’s Mushroom Country Style Pie has been recalled by Fry’s Family Foods as it contains milk which has not been mentioned on the product label. This product is a potential health risk for people who are allergic to milk or milk products.

As per sources, Kepak Foods has also recalled a number of its hot dogs as some seals might be faulty due to packaging discrepancies. Sainsbury’s has also issued the recall of Plant Pioneers Vegan Shroomballs as some packs may contain small pieces of white plastic.

Further, Athenian Family Bakery has also recalled Savour Bakes Bread Sticks as they might carry small pieces of metal inside them. The concern arises as any possible presence of metal makes the product unsafe for consumption. Tesco has also issued the recall of Tesco Free from Beef Lasagne as it contains milk which has not been mentioned on the label.

There is also a possibility that Primula Cheese tubes might be adulterated with Clostridium botulinum owing to a production fault. Primula Limited has, therefore, taken a precautionary measure of recalling the entire lot as one product might contain Clostridium botulinum.

According to the FSA, the company could not satisfactorily demonstrate the manufacturing controls and this could possibly affect the safety of the mentioned products. The issue is related to controlling factors for the prevention of growth and toxin production of Clostridium botulinum. Studies state that consumption of botulinum may result in a serious form of food poisoning known as botulism and can prove to be fatal.

An urgent product recall has been issued as a precautionary measure, added FSA.


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