Pizza Hut, the American restaurant chain and famed pizza maker, has joined a growing list of fast food restaurants that are moving away from using chicken raised with antibiotics in their menu. According to recent reports, Pizza Hut has committed to transition by 2022 to use chicken in their food products that would be raised free of any antibiotics important to human medicine. The announcement comes almost a year after Pizza Hut had committed to use antibiotic-free chicken in only pizza toppings. Pizza Hut chief brand officer Marianne Radley released a statement saying that the initiative to stop serving chicken raised with antibiotics by 2022 is a demonstration of Pizza Hut’s commitment to serving food that not only tastes good but is good for the customers’ overall health. She added that since customers are a pivotal part of the business, Pizza Hut will continue to strive to deliver quality food and experience that the customer expects from such a reputed brand. Lately antibiotics have become a topic of ardent debate among restaurants that serve chicken and pizzas. Research such as the 2013 report presented by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, stated that overuse of antibiotic in chicken is contributing to the rise of superbugs or super strong bacteria that are no longer treatable by antibiotics. The continued use of antibiotics in chicken would eventually mean that the medical world would fail to treat infections with antibiotics, cite reports. Pizza Hut has joined the ranks of other major chains that have also pledged to transition from using meat, especially chicken, that is raised with antibiotics. In 2016, Papa Murphys and Papa Johns announced that they will be transitioning away from the use of poultry using antibiotics. Other major fast food chain like KFC and its US poultry supplier have been issued a deadline of end of 2018 to stop using chicken raised with using antibiotics important to human medicine.