The Japanese arm of American multinational fast food company, McDonald’s, has reportedly added five new teriyaki items to its menu. The Teriyaki McBurger is one of the unusual items that could be found on the company’s menu in Japan. The burger has been designed for appealing to local tastes by mimicking the same sweet soy sauce glaze that is utilized in conventional teriyaki dishes.

According to reports, McDonald’s is back with a few favorites, that earlier appeared at its restaurants for a limited period of time. Of these, first is the Teriyaki McMuffin with a price of ¥290. The sausage patty of the muffin would be slathered in teriyaki sauce and the item will be available on the menu until 10:30 a.m.

After 10:30 a.m., consumers will be able to relish the taste of the Oyako Teriyaki (which has a price of ¥390). The item adds teriyaki sauce to egg and chicken, which comprise the two chief ingredients in oyakodon, which literally means “parent-child bowl”. Previously the Oyako Teriyaki was available for a limited period in 2019.

Next on the list is the Kurokosho Teriyaki, which also makes use of the original Teriyaki McBurger as its base. The dish adds spicy black pepper, smoky bacon, and garlic-rich mayo sauce for an even more intense flavor.

The fourth item is the Shaka Potato Teriyaki McBurger Flavor, with a worth of ¥180 for a small pack.  The last dish is the Akakara Teriyaki (also called Red Spice Teriyaki) which builds upon the original Teriyaki McBurger and has a slice of spicy cheese. The burger also has a bit of red chilli powder, and a spicy mayo sauce that is made with a seven-flavor chilli pepper called shichimi togarashi and dashi fish stock.

All the five items are set to join the regular Teriyaki McBurger on menus around Japan commencing 26th May 2021. However, they are likely to be available for a limited period.

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