The worldwide lockdown imposed to control the spread of deadly coronavirus has showcased an unprecedented rise in the purchase of various household goods. Aldi- a Germany based supermarket company has reportedly witnessed a spike of over 50% in sales of its coffee brand Lazzio during a period of seven weeks in Australia.

Apparently, Aldi receives supplies from the Victorian coffee company Black Bag Roasters, which is a part of the Nomad Coffee Group.

Reportedly, an increase in the number of people making their own coffee at home rather than buying it from coffee shops has helped increase the sale of the coffee brand. Ever since Australia reported its first cases of the novel coronavirus, Aldi which supplies its coffee beans to restaurants and cafes shifted its focus to online sales to protect the company from losses.

Citing sources, employees from the customer service and sales team of the Nomad Group began working in the warehouse to help make and pack coffee for Aldi. The traditional business of the company witnessed a decline, however the sales of Lazzio recorded a 50% increase for a period of six to seven weeks in the country.

According to a statement by Craig Dickson, CEO, Nomad Coffee Group, the sudden rise in demand helped save many jobs that may have been cut if the company incurred a significant loss. The company had to release 75 of its casual staff members, the full- time employees continued to work in the company, he further mentioned.

Dickson adds that even though the businesses are returning to normalcy as social distancing restrictions are being eased in Australia, the COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed the way the companies will operate with a rise in demand for coffee at home since a large number of people will work from home.

For the record, other supermarkets and coffee companies in the region have also recorded a rise in the sale of coffee during the lockdown.


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