Jinsan Beverage, a leading healthy beverage developer centered in Jeju, Korea, has reportedly advanced the business sector of beauty as well as health-based beverages comprising of rich dietary fiber as well as collagen.

Jinsan Beverage develops and offers well-being beverage products, which includes artificial preservative free fruit and vegetable smoothies and beverages that are based on healthy ingredients being produced in clean Jeju Island under the company’s motto ‘In Pursuit of Healthy Beauty’.

The firm is manufacturing quality beverage products with complete packaging which is free from bacteria and sterilization systems certified by the United States FDA, CCIC of China and HACCP. Since the products are ultraheat treated, the products could be stored intact for about one year without preservative treatment or refrigeration. Packaging based containers are made up of nearly 75% natural pulp, permitting them to be utilized as sustainable paper resources after removing aluminum and polyethylene.

The company’s brand Jejuttre infers that products are made tastefully and healthfully by using ingredients grown by eating love on the fields of clean Jeju’. The five products under Jinsan include Jejuttre Green Smoothie & Green, Jejuttre Yellow, Jejuttre White, Jejuttre Red, and Jejuttre Violet Smoothie.

Growing consciousness is being raised among consumers regarding the products since they allow children who do not like vegetables and fruits or adults who are usually on a diet to easily consume a variety of healthy nutrients.

Jang Dong-hun, President, Jinsan Beverage, stated that though Korean farmers are lately facing difficulty due to intrusion of imported agricultural products on the market, the company is happy to offer consumers with quality products on agricultural products which are healthily grown in Jeju Island.

Dong-hun further stated that the company would contribute to keeping the health of men as well as women of all ages by focusing more efforts on R & D activities to manufacture products to meet the requirements of the consumers.

Source credit: https://news.yahoo.com/jinsan-beverage-leads-development-beauty-041800156.html