Plant-based substitutes provider, Impossible Foods, is reportedly set to commercially launch Impossible Pork, the company’s new plant-based offering, at Momofuku Ssam Bar, New York City. As per reliable sources, the product will be made available at over 100 restaurants in Hong Kong, including Tim Ho Wan, a renowned dim sum chain, on 4th October 2021.  

While Impossible Pork will be arriving later this fall in Singapore, restaurants in the U.S. and Hong Kong can now order the product via prominent food service distributors. The product has a quite savory and unique flavor and offers a simultaneously exciting and off-putting experience.

By providing anyone the opportunity for trying the strangely meaty-tasting product for themselves, Impossible Foods is now finally making Impossible Pork available to consumers. The product rollout reportedly comes following the 2016 launch of Impossible Burger, the company’s another plant-based meat substitute that has been designed for mimicking ground beef.

Back in 2019, Impossible Foods released a new version of Impossible Burger that intends to more closely taste and resemble real beef. At the time, the company had also joined forces with Burger King for selling the Impossible Whopper.

The previous year, Burger King began providing Impossible Sausage in its Impossible Croissan’wich. The product has, however, long since been discontinued.

It is to be noted that earlier Impossible Pork was originally designed for halal and kosher certification. The company now states that it is not moving ahead with those certifications as it wishes to continue the utilization of the term ‘pork’ in its product name, and the authorities will not be certifying a product named ‘pork’.

According to a late 2019 statement by Pat Brown, the CEO of Impossible Foods,  the company’s objective was to make Impossible Pork available at the global level and especially in Asia, owing to the popularity of meat there. Now, the company asserts that over half of 200 customers eyed in Hong Kong stated that they prefer Impossible Pork atop ground pork from pigs, after blind taste tests.

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