Impossible Foods, the California based company behind plant-based meat alternatives, has reportedly announced its foray into Australia and New Zealand with the launch of its flagship product, Impossible Beef Made From Plants or the Impossible Burger.

The plant-based burger is presently being served across more than 150 restaurants, including popular Australian food establishments, Grill’d and Butter.

Dennis Woodside, President, Impossible Foods, stated that expanding in New Zealand and Australia is another milestone for the company towards introducing delicious yet sustainable options to various markets globally.

Woodside further added that both countries have some passionate meat consumers in the world and that they would definitely like the impossible beef.

Impossible Foods' mission is to create an ecologically sound global food network that caters to people from diverse cuisines and cultures. The firm's entry into the Australian market, which is a nation with one of the world's highest per capita meat consumption rates, is the company's third overseas market entry in the last 14 months.

Awarded the Top Plant-based Hamburger by the New York Times, Impossible beef rivals actual ground beef. It boasts a fruity flavor, is prepared with high-quality plant-based ingredients, and contains 18.8 grams of protein for each serving. It is also high in iron and fiber, and is free of animal hormones and antibiotics.

Under the new launch, Impossible Burger range offered by Grill'd includes, Impossible Cheeseburger, Impossible Simply Grill'd, Impossible Australian, and Impossible Garden Goodness.

As a longtime admirer of the brand, Julian Cincotta, co-owner as well as executive chef of Butter Sydney, intended to make Impossible Beef the very first plant-based beef substitute offered at Butter.

Butter's Chatswood and Parramatta locations provide Impossible Cheeseburgers and Impossible Classic Burgers, with brilliant new Impossible Burger recipes released every two weeks. The company also sells impossible lasagna and impossible meatball subs under the Mumma Julian's butter courier brand for a lavish home meal influenced by Julian's Italian background.

Further information regarding the latest Impossible Foods items would be announced in the forthcoming months.

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